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HK280-86FP laptop ac adapter, discount LENOVO H305 H310 H315 H320 H330 laptop adapter

LENOVO FSP180-50NPL ac adapter can replace the following part numbers

      HK280-86FP FSP180-50PLV 36001754 36001822 FSP180-50NPL


      Rated Power: 180W


      AC power input port: AC 200 ~ 240V 50/60HZ


      Output wire Specifications:


      20PIN: 1 of length 130mm;


      SATA: 1 of length 320mm;


      SATA: 1 of length 160mm;


    square 4P: 1 Leader degree 320mm

LENOVO FSP180-50NPL power adapter fits models

LENOVO H305 H310 H315 H320 H330
Huntkey ih55 ir358 ir608 i1345 i1355 i3550 i4660
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